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DAVOS Invest has participated and completed dozens of infrastructure-investment projects in private and state-owned firms and institutions financed by either  International Funding Institutions (IFIs), state budget or private funds. Most projects, on which Davos Invest Ltd. has been involved, include technical assistance and consulting expertise in development of investment- infrastructure projects including preparation of preliminary and basic project designs, assistance in  tendering procedures and supervision of overall project institutions.
Significantly in this context is that besides the standard engineer services, Davos Invest Ltd. provides other professional services to its clients.
We pride ourselves on the delivery of comprehensive services by guiding the client through the entire investment process, beginning with an identification and assessment of the possibilities for investment, through preparation and development of investment project including permits and legalization procedures. Further we monitor project implementation and manage reporting. This approach has enabled us to be attentive to client needs and to understand and answer their desire for an expedient investment process.
A selected, non-exhaustive list of DAVOS Invest Ltd. most important projects follows, highlighting deliverables provided:

IFI Funded Projects
Private Sector Investments
Government Sector Investments