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Founded in 1994, the Skopje-based Davos Invest Ltd. is a Macedonian designing & consulting company with demonstrated knowledge in key sectors of the Macedonian economy. Its main areas of focus are designing, infrastructure - investment project development, supervision on project implementation, audit of investment project designs, development of feasibility studies and preparation of business plans and other consulting services to support and assist the development and implementation of various investment projects.

Davos project experience, together with its base of associated consultants, allows it to assemble project team with a breath of professional knowledge of the economy sector, especially with regard to the construction and urban planning sectors.

Our team blends expertise in civil, architectural, water and waste water, electrical, thermal engineering as well as designing and supervision and other technical areas with business development skills, financing expertise and knowledge of tender procedures.

We are fully equipped and experienced to meet the clients’ requirements in the preparation of construction drawings, preliminary designs, specifications, investment project review, as well as feasibility studies and due-diligence, technical assessment and evaluation, design supervision and overall monitoring, technical support and advisory services through the complete investment process.

All our projects are identified and implemented in close co-operation with the clients, donors, local authorities, and partners. Transparency, accountability, cost efficiency, and the best professional practices are the key aspects during the implementation of our projects. This policy in return, results with capacity building and strengthening benefits to our company.

DAVOS has completed dozens of infrastructure-investment projects in private and state-owned firms and institutions.

Significantly, however, DAVOS does more for its clients than deliver engineering and architectural services and completed studies. We pride ourselves on the delivery of comprehensive services by guiding the client through the entire investment process, beginning with an assessment of clients needs, through preparation of business plan, tendering documents, and bidding procedures. Further we monitor project implementation and manage reporting. This approach has enabled us to be attentive to client needs and to understand their desire for an expedient investment process especially with regard to foreign investments in Republic of Macedonia.

To this point DAVOS has prove to be a key partner to numerous foreign companies in development and implementation of their investment technical projects in Macedonia and abroad.

Seeking for new approaches and cost-effective solutions for our clients’ project needs and being aware of the permanent needs for knowledge spreading and brainstorming DAVOS team has participated on many courses and trainings.