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To ensure transparent, successful and cost-effective development and implementation of the given projects, the company has developed a quality management system based on the following principles:

  • High Qualifications:
    We place great emphasis on the superior qualifications, solid work and reliability of our stuff. We strive to respond to clients' requests and needs as rapidly as possible. We are prepared to provide assistance and answers to all questions and concerns that may arise at any given stage of project development or implementation. We keep our clients continually informed of our progress on their issues so that the client in effect becomes a partner in project implementation. On the other hand in working as an extension of the client’s stuff, we strive to reduce client workload as much as possible.
  • Professionalism:
    We guarantee that our products are professional, transparent and comprehensive while at the same time clear and concise. Upon completion of our contracted work, we continue to remain attentive to clients by anticipating their needs.
  • Knowledge:
    DAVOS Invest Ltd. specializes both in rendering expertise in infrastructure-investment project development, project designs, audits, business plans, feasibility studies as well as supervision of project implementation. Our diversified team of engineers and other professionals enables us to stay attentive to clients needs throughout the complete project development and implementation regardless of the size or the phase of the project. Our wealth of knowledge enables us and our clients to adapt to the requirements of the rapidly developing local and global market economy.
  • Quality services:
    In keeping with our philosophy, we remain focused on clients’ needs and quality of services provided, regardless of project size. The measure of our success is providing solutions that meet clients’ needs and generate the lowest overall costs and greatest value added value for the client