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Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project RECRP 01 July 2012

Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project RECRP

Project financed with World Bank loan

Consulting services for supervision on renovation of the regional offices for
survey and cadastre for region 1, region 2, region 3 and region 4

The main purpose of the Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project (RECRP) is to establish modern offices focused on the registration of subsequent transaction, purchases, sales, and mortgage acts, as well as improvement of the physical environment of the offices and the front line customer interface and providing institutional development, modernization.
Within the project frame Davos Invest Ltd. provided consulting services for supervision of renovation of all regional offices for Survey and Cadastre (total of 28 regional offices on the territory of the Republic) of the State Authority for Geodetic Works that are located in major municipalities covering the entire territory of Macedonia.