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Licences and Certificates of the Company

The foundation for the business success and further development of Davos Invest Ltd. is the policy for quality of products and services, by meeting the requirements set by the national and international quality standards.
One of the principles of our company to achieve the quality policy is respecting the current laws and regulations and adjustment and preparation for the future regulations.
In this direction Davos Invest ltd. possesses all the relevant licenses required to perform its core activities, including:
• License A for designing
• License B for designing
• License A for design review
• License B for design review
• License A for supervision
Following the world trends and with purpose to ensure competitiveness on the domestic and international service markets, Davos Invest is in a phase of introduction of the internationally recognized standard for quality - ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.
The main goal and motivation for introduction of this standard is continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of our services that fully meet the requirements of our customers.